Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are officially moving to Utah...

And we are so excited!!

As you might know, we have been applying to jobs in Utah since the start of summer and something finally came through for me (Jenn). I will be working as a Communications Specialist for St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake City! I could not be more excited -- the position seems like a great move, the people are very nice, and I get an office with a window view of mountains! What else is there, really? :) I am starting the new position on Monday, November 7.

Jon and I are planning to start our journey westward on Saturday, October 29. We'll be taking our time to get across the country, stopping in to see friends we have that live in different parts of the country along the way. We should get to Salt Lake City in 5-6 days and then have a few days to unpack and settle in before I start work. Jon recently finished the coursework for his Masters in Geology and is still applying to jobs, so send your good vibes this way so that he gets something soon, too!

For now, we are in the thick of making arrangements for our big move -- finding a place to live, planning some good-bye get-togethers so we can see everyone before we depart, packing, organizing, etc. I wanted to create this blog, so that all our East Coast friends & family have a way to check in and see what we're doing. We hope to post updates from the road as we drive out and then just keep you updated on our life in Utah! We're so excited for this adventure! And we can't wait to have some visitors, so start planning people! :)