Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moab Adventure

After our extended week with my parents, we took one weekend to relax before we started another adventure – in Moab!

It was nice to finally get down to Moab; everyone has been telling me how much I would love it ever since we moved here. Jon loves it there and it was kind of hard to believe that we hadn’t gone down there at all yet, considering we’d been here over EIGHT months (can you believe it?!). So, the weekend before Ben & Sara’s wedding, a group of us headed south.

We got there Friday evening in time to check into our hotels and grab some dinner and beers at Zax. And that was pretty much all we did Friday night. We had to rest up for the next day.

Saturday, we all regrouped at the Moab Diner for breakfast. Delish and I ate a lot, ignoring the fact that I’d be bouncing around in a Jeep all day. No matter. After breakfast, we went to the Jeep rental place and scooped up two more Jeeps to add to Ben & Sara’s, and we all set off to the Seven Mile Rim trail. It was a gorgeous day which provided for great sight-seeing and pictures. The off-roading experience was a lot of fun. I was only slightly nervous and as the day went on, I got less and less so.

The Jeeps

Uranium Arch

The Group -- Sara, Ben, Paul, Jason, Scoob, Jim, Me, Jon, Bryan

Determination Towers

Burnt Toast Slices (kind of center of the photo here)

After riding with my trusty man and protector of sorts (aka JZ), our Jeep went all-girl. Sara, Scoob and I conquered major off-roading obstacles all the while looking pretty. ;) While Sara was clearly the most experienced in our Jeep, we all got to take turns driving which was a lot of fun.

Girls' Jeep

I drove! And yes I was slightly nervous, but that's not why I look retarded here... I was also chewing a Snickers.

After a full day of Jeeping, we headed back to town to shower up and headed to Eddie McStiff’s for some dinner and afterward went to a nearby bar for a few drinks and hula-hoop spectating (you read that right).

Sunday, the boys headed off for some mountain biking and I went on a road ride on a nice paved path that leads right out of town. It was a nice ride and very scenic.

A sweet, paved bike path was available

Riding over the Colorado River on a cleeeearrr day!

When I got back, we milled around downtown, got some lunch, then Jon’s Dad, Scoob and I drove out to Castle Creek Winery for a quick tasting and tour of a museum highlighting all of the movies which were filmed in Utah (several). After buying a few bottles, we headed back to meet up with the group and start our drive back north.

Castle Creek Winery

All in all, a great adventure! Looking forward to going back soon so I can check out Arches National Park! J