Friday, May 10, 2013

Long Time, No Blog

Hello there old friend. It’s been too long. Sorry I’ve neglected you. I make no promise not to do it again, but I’ve been feeling like I need a creative outlet lately and then I thought… oh yeah, our blog. So I’ll try until I ultimately get distracted with something else again.

A lot has happened since my last post in October 2012 (yikes) – most notably, Jon and I got engaged. Yay! We got engaged in November. And don’t worry! We don’t disappoint. There is a comical engagement story to go along with it. If you haven’t heard it, you can read about it on our wedding websiteHere’s just a photojournalistic summary of the events:

Where we were supposed to get engaged (Donut Falls)

Where we actually got engaged (the Saturn)

Only us, right? It was still super exciting, of course! And my ring is b-e-a-utiful! Snaps, honey! After I said yes and we made out like high-schoolers in my car (just kidding… kinda), we took a soak in this baby:

Homestead Crater Hot Springs

Then we headed to Park City where we enjoyed dinner and champagne interrupted by multiple texts from my family asking to see the bling. Love you guys! ;) Anyway, it was awesome! We are planning to get married on November 23, 2013 and honeymoon in Costa Rica. It’s getting so close already and we. are. PUMPED!

So, nothing else really trumps that news, but let’s see. Since then, we have also: 
  • Gone home to celebrate Christmas with family and got to see friends in Baltimore.
  • Started wedding planning.
  • Enjoyed another visit from the one and only Andrew Schmidt.
  • Hit up some Jazz games.
  • Went on a snowmobiling trip in Yellowstone with Jon’s parents.
  • Enjoyed a visit from my “sister,” Geoff.
  • Enjoyed a visit from the awesome Mr. & Mrs. Jason Anderson, who (shout out) took our engagement photos.
  • I took a trip home for Easter, dress shopping, wedding planning and visiting with friends.
  • We hosted Brian DeCann during the weekend of the Collegiate Road Cycling Championships where we also got a small visit with Mr. Matt McKinney and our first fishing day of the year at Pineview Reservoir.
That kinda brings us up to date! Things we’re looking forward to in the next month or so include: 
  • Warmer temperatures – Halle-FREAKIN-lujah. Holy harsh winter. (Me no likey)
  • LB (my sister) and Jason (Jon’s brother) will be in town over Memorial Day weekend.
  • Bridesmaids dress shopping!
  • Jon’s Bday.
  • Camping.
  • Bees games.
  • My first go on a mountain bike.
  • Flag Day. What? You don’t celebrate that?
Okay, that’s it for now. Until next time, kiddos!
X’s and O’s from Salt Lake City!