Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rough start, Motown-ween, McK-Indy B&B

As of Saturday, October 29, our journey was officially underway, but of course not without a few road blocks. I want to thank Penske for initially providing us with a broken car dolly, which gave way to a complimentary full trailer upgrade. We spent Saturday morning packing Jenn's things into the moving truck in the pouring rain. After taking warm showers, drying off, and saying good bye to the family, we set out for Morgantown, WV. Though, things didn't stay dry for long -- at least for Jenn:

As we hit highway speed driving through rain and snow, we discovered we had a leaky truck on our hands -- leaking right over the passenger, aka Jenn's, seat. She had to hold a towel above her head to block the leak, but eventually got tired and just left the towel on her shoulder to catch the water. Not fun! But, we made it to Morgantown, WV in otherwise good spirits.

We rolled into town too late for the Throwdown outside Pathfinder, but we made it to the after-party at Lazy Lizard. Jon slipped on the dance floor during Thriller, then we turned into pumpkins and hit the sack. After a late start thanks to some chauffer confusion (by the way, thanks to Steve Roberts & Steve Sierra for your chauffering), we actually had a nice day of driving and made great time. Sadly, we had multiple failed attempts to buy Yuengling products before entering Indiana.

We landed at McKinney's bed and breakfast in the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis, IN around 5:30 pm. Chet Mun Liew showed up and we headed to dinner at Boogie Burger - which totally hit the spot. Instead of heading to one of the million microbreweries, we just headed back, shot the shit and enjoyed microbrews at McKinney's. Next up: Indy to Joplin. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and Romy did great once she got her morning coffee ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Follow us on our route and meet up!

The schedule:
Friday October 28th - Bernville, PA to La Plata, MD -Packing

Saturday October 29th - La Plata, MD to Morgantown, WV - Motown throwdown Halloween!

Sunday October 30th - Morgantown, WV to Speedway, IN - We do McKinney and Liew

Monday October 31st - Indianapolis, In to Joplin, MO - Mutic family tornado relief delivery

Tuesday November 1st - Joplin, MO to Denver, CO - Tour de Colorado

Wednesday November 2nd - Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT - Stop at New Belgium Brewery

Thursday November 3rd - Salt Lake City, UT to ??? Stay tuned...

Follow our daily posts as we travel to see all our cross country friends! And if you are one of THOSE friends make sure you're there when we roll in jacked up on Red Bull* with a truckload of Yuengling Lager* and Tastycakes*.

*Jon and Jenn Do Utah is in no way affiliated or sponsored by the Red Bull corporation, Yuengling Brewing Co., or Tastycake Baking Co., unfortunately.