Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back in the Summer of 2012

Here are some more highlights from our first Utah summer. One of these days, we will get caught up on this blog so that I am not still posting about our summer adventures when it is almost November…

Ben & Sara’s Wedding
The week before Ben & Sara’s wedding was a fun time as guests from literally all corners of the country started to arrive in Utah. Lots of family, friends and even more food. The group headed up to Solitude Mountain Resort on Thursday in a shuttle van driven by the one and only, Jon Zerbe. Literally, less than 10 miles after departing from the Zerbe-Bridges Casa, this van started shutting down. Multiple pull-offs and engine restarts later, and after rescue vehicles came to transport passengers, we finally got that stinkin’ van up the mountain.

In the days before the wedding, we all spent time checking out the resort, soaking in the hot tub, playing cornhole, enjoying the first Zerbe-Hess Bierworks home brew, Hesseweizen (label created by yours truly), mountain biking/hiking/frisbee golfing, and just hanging out. It was like summer camp. I may or may not have sung Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” acapella-style into the retractable kitchen sink nozzle with Jon’s cousin David. From scavenger hunts to poker to Apples to Apples, this weekend had it all!

While the weather on the big day was not the best, it was a beautiful ceremony. You can’t really go wrong with huge, beautiful mountains behind you. The reception was a lot of fun and all of the food was delicious. It was great to have everyone in one place!
Rehearsal Dinner

Hesseweizen home brew 

Uinta Trip #2
In August, Ben, Sara, Jon and I made a little trip out to the Mirror Lakes in the Uinta Mountains. We got up there on a Friday and pretty much set up camp near Washington Lake and went to bed. We stayed in the Hess Family Camper.

Romy on a kayak!
Saturday, we made our way over to Lost Lake where we all took turns kayaking in the lake and fishing off the shore. The fishing wasn’t so great, but the weather was beautiful. Romy even enjoyed kayaking, snuggled down into the nose of the kayak. We found a great camp site for that night and sat around the camp fire drinking wine, then ate some delicious flank steak for dinner. Sunday, we went to mirror lake for more fishing and kayaking.

Jon fishing in Mirror Lake

Romy loving life on Swim Beach
Flaming Gorge Trip
Jon and I were super excited to finally get a weekend on Ben’s boss’ boat in the Flaming Gorge. We drove down on the last Friday in August and camped out right on Swim Beach. We woke up early for sunrise and some pronghorns joined us for the view! Since there weren’t that many people on the beach, Romy LOVED running around and splashing through the water.

We got on the boat early in the morning and set off. We drank caesars, ate lots of food, went fishing, soaked up the sun, and swam in the gorge. It was a lot of fun. We ate dinner on the dock and pretty much went right to sleep after a long day in the sun. We went out on the water again Sunday for more fishing. All together we caught about six rainbow trout that we kept and took home. I got to reel in my very first fish (other than the time I went with Jon’s parents to the hatchery which was like catching fish in a barrel). Yes, even after growing up with my Dad, I somehow had never caught a fish for real. We also got to take home some kokanee, which is a type of salmon that some other people that docked their boat nearby caught. So it was good eatin’ that week!


Jon fileting fish on the back of the boat

Other Things of Note
We met Geena Davis. Okay, we saw her.
We watched the Tour of Utah in Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Our garden was killa. Still kinda is.


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